We had fun doing a lot of different things.
Again, the dividers are photos of wildlife and flowers
taken nearby on the same day - Helen's idea of fun!

Every party needs music and JJ was our DJ. He did a good job of choosing music that everyone liked.

Sage got into the music and played drums on Mish's head.

Below: Sea birds gather in the marsh and make their own music.

A barefoot Mason enjoys this big ball. In fact, most of us
(except for diehards like Jim) shed our shoes so we could squish
the sand between our toes.
Below: Luckily, no one stepped on this wild parsley which can
cause blisters when touched. But it makes a pretty picture, doesn't it?
Eli and Mason play at fencing with sticks they found in the sand.
For Mish, sitting and enjoying this celebration in her and Kathy's honor
may not be as active but it is every bit as enjoyable.
Below: Little purple sea rockets adorn the sandy beach.
Mason is playing "Run from the wave" with excited screams.
Kathy has donned her wetsuit and is chasing a bigger wave.
Below: Like, Kathy, some seals launch into the water as others watch.
Kathy rides her board out to join the other "California surfer seals."
Below: Harbor seals bob in the water like their human imitators.
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