The Picnic
And then we took the rest of the day to relax, eat and have fun.
The dividers on this page are photos Helen took of birds and flowers
on the beach and marshlands along Highway 1.
We brought lots of food and chairs, and well, stuff.
Below: Brown pelicans like to hang out in groups too!

JJ gets the fire going
Mason helps by handing out forks--and sampling the deli trays.
Below: Tiny "rooster heads" nestle in green leaves.
Mish cooks hot dogs to order and
Cheryl enjoys one of the subs that Shelly brought.
Below: A sea gull, a blue heron and a sand piper hang out together.
Sam, Kathy and Cheryl eat and watch while
Sage drinks some soda and Mason practices his water bird stand.
Below: Snowy egrets stand around in the water looking for fish.
Shelly shows Logan to Mason and later,
Abby fixes something for Logan to eat while dad (Matthew) watches.
Below: These dainty blue flowered shrubs are called feltleafed ceanthus.