We are so grateful for our family who joined us on the very special day - and for those couldn't come but are reading this now. Blessing to you all!

Mish's dad, Jim and her step-mom, Helen (who was taking photos and didn't get in any of these!) cut their vacation short and and stopped by on their way from Washington to Arizona to be with us. Thanks, Dad!

JJ's mother, Cheryl, helped a lot with the planning and even offered her large car for bringing all the stuff to Bolinas - and then the car "died" and spent the day in the "hospital." Luckily, Shelly and JJ's vehicle worked just fine.

It took 17 loads to carry all the "stuff" back to the car from the beach, but we managed to get it all into our PT Cruiser and Shelly and JJ's vehicle - along with all the kids!

Mish's daughter, Shelly, and her guy, JJ. Such a sweet couple, don't you think? Uh, maybe a little too sweet? Run your cursor over their photo to see what they are hiding.
Shelly and JJ worked hard to make our day a success. They deserved a break!

Abby, Mish's step-daughter, brought her family: Matthew and baby Logan.

Kathy's daughter, Sam, and grandson, Eli, take a break in the sun.
We brought lots to drink, but the water and soda went a lot better than the wine coolers and beer. We sent the leftovers home with anyone who wanted them, so they didn't go to waste.

A mother-daughter moment with Sam and Kathy, and Cody keeping guard.

A "grandma" moment for Mish, with grandsons, Mason and Sage..

Have you noticed? All boys. None of the grandchildren are girls.

Ponchi had to leave soon after the ceremony, but he took time to visit a bit first and to show Kathy something.

We asked Eli to take photos and he did a great job.

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