The Ceremony

We all gathered in a sacred circle with Kathy and Mish in the center and the elders at the sides. Even Cody joined us.
Ponchie placed his sacred ceremonial tools at his feet. The rock at the side is to hold the smudge stick.

With a sage smudge, which is used to bless and purify, Ponchi turned to the four directions and asked the blessing of the four winds which represent beginnings, service, healing and wisdom. Then he blessed us, our Witnesses and our Elders.

The Eagle ceremony celebrates the eagle which stays in pairs throughout their lives. Like the eagle, we are two spirits, joined in one.

As we let a beaded heart necklace bind us together physically, we traded rings as a more permanent symbol of our wish share our lives and our hearts with each other.
Then we shared our committments with each other, and we felt a wonderful upflowing of blessings from Spirit.

And then we hugged and kissed. Not once, but over and over for the cameras.

It was done!
We are Domestic Partners!

(We really are private people, so we hid our kiss, but if you mouse-over our hug, you can see it.)

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