The Plan

A celebration doesn't just happen. First we planned...


And we chose lovely, friendly Bolinas Beach for the ceremony. It's just an hour's drive from home (for those who know the way!) and where we've spent many happy hours.

(Of course, it also meant that we had to carry load after load of supplies to the beach.)


We asked our dear friend, Ponchie, an ordained minister and Cherokee shaman, to officiate. At first, he said he couldn't because he had already committed to be somewhere else. When he squeezed us into his schedule, we were so pleased!.


We invited all of our family and asked our daughters, Samantha and Shelly, to stand up with us and be our formal Witnesses...

...and we asked JJ's mother, Cheryl, and Mish's father, Jim, to stand as Elders. Jim almost didn't make it. Like Ponchie, he had another engagement, but it was cancelled so he and Helen were able to come after all.


We planned regular picnic fare, with weiners, etc., and food trays like these. But our biggest worry was about "drinks or no drinks." We settled on bottled water, a lot of soft drinks and a few bottles of beer and wine coolers for our non-AA guests.

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